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Areas Protegidas y parques nacionales de 

Costa Rica

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Protected area Size in hectares Main features
1 Santa Rosa National Park (map) 49,515 The largest remaining area of tropical dry forest in Central America, historic hacienda house
2 Guanacaste National Park (map) 32,512 Hills that are relicts of Plio-Cuaternary volcanoes an plains that have been formed by the accumulation of ash, pyroclasts and ignimbrite
3 Las Baulas Marine National Park & Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge 552 Nesting beach for Leatherback Sea Turtles
4 Cabo Blanco Absolute National Reserve (map) 1,280 Good beaches, tide pools, abundant birds and wildlife amidst beautiful tropical moist forest
5 Barra Honda National Park 2,295 Impressive limestone caverns (previous permission from Park Service needed to enter), tropical dry forest
6 Palo Verde National Park 16,804 Seasonal marsh good for waterfowl; dry forest, rivers, mangroves
7 Lomas Barbudal Biological Reserve 2,279 Good example of tropical dry forest, also gallery forest along Cabuyo river
8 Ostional National Wildlife Refuge 160 Nesting beach for Pacific Olive Ridley Sea Turtles
9 Carara National Park (map) 4,700 Good example of tropical rain forest, complete with scarlet macaws, monkeys and crocodiles
10 Manuel Antonio National Park (map) 682 Gorgeous beaches, excellent wildlife viewing possibilities
11 Ballena National Park 110 protected area for hump-backed whales, the magnificent frigate bird and several reptiles; pristine beaches
12 Isla del Caño Biological Reserve 300 Pre-Columbian burial ground, excellent diving and snorkeling
13 Corcovado National Park (map) 41,788 The largest tract of lowland rain forest on Pacific side of Costa Rica, great wildlife potential, "The most biologically intense place on Earth" according to National Geographic
14 Gandoca-Manzanillo National Wildlife Refuge 5,013 Same as Cahuita (15) but muh more remote and secluded
15 Cahuita National Park 1,067 Coral reefs, swimming beaches, swamp forest, great snorkeling.
16 Tortuguero National Park (map) 18,946 Costa Rica's "Amazon," explore the rain forest via rivers and lagoons teeming with monkeys, crocodiles, toucans; major nesting beach for Atlantic Green Sea Turtles.
17 Barra del Colorado National Wildlife Refuge 92,000 Same as above; great Tarpon and Snook fishing
18 Caño Negro National Wildlife Refuge 9,969 River and marsh habitat, excellent for viewing waterfowl, caimans, and other wildlife
19 Rincón de la Vieja National Park (map) 14,083 Numerous geothermal features (fumaroles, hot springs, boiling mud pots), waterfalls, majestic tropical moist forest with much wildlife
20 Arenal National Park 5,208 One of the world's most active volcanoes, bordered by the scenic Lake Arenal
21 Volcán Poás National Park 5,600 One of the most beautiful scenic sites in the country where the flora and fauna are highlighted by geological features
22 Braulio Carrillo National Park (map) 45,899 Extensive tract of lower montane and pre-montane rain forest with many unique and unusual plants and animals; dormant volcano with lush cloud forest
23 Volcán Irazú National Park 2,309 Highest volcano in Costa Rica (11,000 ft), devastation from past eruptions gives "moonscape" aspect
24 Guayabo National Monument 218 The largest and most important archeological site discovered to date in Costa Rica; enhanced by a river canyon and forests
25 Tapantí National Park 6,080 The rushing Orosi river cuts through luxuriant rain forest full of orchids, birds, butterflies, raining most of the year.
26 La Amistad International Park (World Heritage status) 193,929 Magnificent highland oak forests, resplendent quetzals, remote and relatively undeveloped
27 Hitoy-Cerere Biological Reserve 9,154 Caribbean Foothill rain forest for birdwatchers and Nature lovers looking to get off the beaten track
28 Chirripó National Park (map) 50,150 The highest point in Costa Rica and home to unique páramo (subalpine) vegetation; often cold and wet; advance permission from park service needed
29 Golfito National Wildlife Refuge 1,309 Lowland rain forest similar to Corcovado (13)
30 Isla Bolaños National Wildlife Refuge 25 The only nesting colony of magnificent frigate birds in Costa Rica; impressive display during the mating season
31 Islas Guayabo, Negritos and Pájaros Biological Reserves 91 total Biological reserves for large populations of sea birds
32 Curú National Wildlife Refuge 84 Oyster banks, white beaches, giant conchs, iguanas and much more
33 Juán Castro Blanco National Park 14,258 Rain and terrain combine to produce the most impressive waterfalls, primary rain forests, large number of reptiles
34 Isla del Coco National Park (World Heritage status) 2,400 World-class scuba diving, declared World Heritage by United Nations, 100% undisturbed.

There are also several protected wetlans and the famous Monteverde Private Reserve.

We can arrange tours to any National Park or protected area. Contact us for more information.
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