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Viña Romántica esta localizda en Las Pilas de San Isidro, Alajuela en el camino al Volcán Poas. Este hotel Costarricense estilo boutique tiene hermosas vistas de sus dos vecinos, el volcán Barva y el Volcán Poas. El clima es un poco más frío que el del valle. El aire es fresco, y l villa es de gente muy amistosa.
Viña Romántica offers four newly built guest rooms with all the modern conveniences. Two have gorgeous views of the nearby Poas, Barva and Irazu volcanoes, with lush coffee plantations spreading outward from their bases. The rooms are tranquil and provide a great first and last night stay as our Boutique Hotel is only 12 minutes from the International Airport

Each room is equiped with private bathroom,  queen sized beds with memory foam mattresses, ceiling fan and soft lighting. Guests can linger, relax and enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding coffee plantation and Poas Volcano.

To get to Viña Romántica, from Juan Santamaria International Airport travel 7 Kilometers towards Poás Volcano. Make a left at Hotel Buena Vista and go 25 meters.  They are located on the right.  It takes about 12 minutes to get to their Boutique Hotel from the airport.

The Restaurante Viña Romántica offers you some of the most original heaven sent cuisine your likely to encounter in this little sliver of paradise...most often referred to as Costa Rica


They ask that you sit back, relax, and enjoy the soft tropical breeze, or gently moving clouds, or that smiling face seated in front of you who still sends your heart sailing after all these years; as Chef Sarah  creates an oasis of visual brilliance & delectable garden fresh delights  

Blending the best of traditional European cuisine with the exotic "colores y sabores" of the tropic's, Chef Sarah Salgado creates a visual mosaic of culinary masterpieces.



Tree Top Suite $110.00 USD
Habitación Poas $110.00 USD
Habitación Barva $95.00 USD
Habitación Garden $85.00 USD


  • Las tarifas son validas de Noviember 16, 2009 hasta Abril 15, 2010
  • $25.00 USD por cama adicional.
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